A multitude of fractions is arising in the course of our activities. By many years of experience and due to our big sales volume, we have become a strong partner for commercializing valuable materials and disposal of harmful waste. This is to your advantage!

Accumulators and batteries

Batterien und Akkus

When you buy a battery or an accumulator, you are automatically entitled to get professional waste disposal. The buying price includes an advanced recycling fee (ARF) which finances the entire recycling procedure. As you are an optional collecting point, you have the right to be reimbursed by a collection center.
Hazardous waste according to VeVa / waste code: 16 06 98 [S]
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 Circuit boards


Circuit boards are accumulated during production as wastage and also by professional dismantling of discarded appliances. The quality depends on the contents of the precious metals. The precious metal rates being subject to constant fluctuations, we will be glad to offer you our daily rates for a minimum quantity of
100 kg.
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 Small capacitors containing PCB /or PCB-suspicious


Capacitors of a former date may contain polychlorinated biphenyles (PCB). Therefore, they have to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner at an incineration plant for hazardous waste. In cooperation with our clients, we offer you an ecologically worthwhile and economically sound solution.
Hazardous waste according to VeVa / waste code: 16 02 09 [S]
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 Further fractions/valuable materials


We buy various fractions and valuable materials such as copper cables, computer plug connectors, electrical engines, deflecting coils, etc.
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