Mechanical Processing

Mechanical discarding of toxic substances


For pre-comminution, the obsolete appliances are "gently" battered with a rotating chain drive. In this process the harmful substances (e.g. batteries and capacitors) lose the bond at the clip and soldered points and leave the material room almost undamaged.

Subsequently, the pollutants and valuable materials are sorted out - through magnetic graders, sieves, eddy current dividers and hand sorting. Further treatment and disposal of the harmful substances are carried out in relevant specialized companies.



Mechanical Separation


In the fine separation, the material which is free from pollutants is decomposed by the impact crasher and is coated. Metals and non-metals are separated by way of separating tables.


The following sieving provides the conditions for the separation of metal and plastics. Metal granulates are then further isolated by passing them through density separation tables. These metal and plastic fractions obtained return into the material cycle in its purest form.


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