In Switzerland, we are a pioneer and market leader in the disposal and recycling of electronic scrap. Our company was founded in 1986, since 2010 we are affiliated to the Thommen-Group in Kaiseraugst; and as technology-leader, we have now become well-known beyond our national borders. Based on the principles of a recycling economy, we are working out effective technical solutions in the separating technique sector and are generating valuable raw materials. Non-reusable toxic substances are disposed of in collaboration with specialized companies in an environmentally friendly manner. With our achieved recycling rate of 95 per cent, we are by far above the legal requirements of the WEEE Directive (European Union Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

At our location in Liestal, we are operating a regional triage centre; at our plant in Regensdorf, we reclaim the valuable raw materials with the most state-of-the-art separation technology.

The recycling of discarded electronic equipment is our core business. Furthermore, we offer recovery of various composite materials and fractions, services such as collection and logistics solutions, data destruction, etc.

At our locations in Liestal and Regensdorf, a number of more than 80 collaborators are working for Immark AG.

We have obtained the required legal authorizations and in addition, we are licensed according to the Swiss recycling systems of Advanced Recycling Fee (SWICO and SENS).

With our operational activities all over Switzerland, we are collaborating with social dismantling companies all over the country.

Abroad as well, we plan and realize ready-to-use plants: In Ireland, Germany, Italy and France we have instituted waste disposal plants according to our concepts.

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