Products with Advanced Recycling Fee (ARF)

Electronic - and small electronic appliances


Large electrical appliances

Elektronik-ElektroKlGeraete Elektro-Grossgeraete

Electronic appliances in the sectors of information technology, entertainment electronics, office, telecommunication, graphic arts industry as well as measuring and medical technique devices.

Electrical appliances in the household, construction, gardening and hobby sector as well as toys and lamps.
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Large electrical appliances, i.e. washing machines, driers, dishwashers, baking ovens, cooking stoves, glass-ceramic cooktops, fume extraction hoods, air humidifiers, pressing machines, solariums, etc.
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Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioning systems


Lighting appliances


, Household cooling devices such as freezers and deep freezers, air conditioning systems, ice cube machines, food-centers, ice cream machines, wine refrigerators, various industrial cooling devices, etc.
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Fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps, mercury-vapor lamps, sodium-vapor lamps, electrodeless lamps, LED lamps, special lamps (low pressure and high pressure lamps).
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 Accumulators and Batteries  Photovoltaic Systems (PV Modules)

 Batterien und Akkus


PV Modul

When you buy a battery or an accumulator (also in devices), you are automatically entitled to get proper disposal processing. The buying price includes an advanced recycling fee (ARF) which finances the entire recycling procedure. As you are an optional collecting point, you have the right to be reimbursed by a collection center.

Hazardous waste according to VeVa / waste code:16 06 98 [S]

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Further products

Industrial electronics /
giant industrial equipment



Industrieelektronik Verbundstoffe
If you have any industrial electronics (control systems, laboratory appliances etc.) or giant industrial equipments without Advanced Recycling Fee (ARF) for waste disposal! We will take care of it and submit you an offer!
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Due to our state-of-the-art technology plant, we are able to process various composites. Subsequently, the single fractions are ready for enhanced commercialization. We will be glad to elaborate your offer.
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