Raw Materials

Almost 70 per cent of the material used by the manufacturers in the industry is deriving from recycling. Therefore, it is not surprising that processing waste material into high value raw materials has become a vital resource.

  • Scrap iron: A classic scrap metal which is used for the production of new iron products.
  • Non-ferrous metals: Kinds of metals such as aluminium, alloys of tin, zinc, copper, nickel or precious metals are sorted out according to special criteria. These fractions are used in state-of-the-art-smelting plants and foundries for production of new alloys or all-metal products.
  • Glass: Purified glass is reclaimed from cathode ray tubes. Glass production from old glass fragments saves raw materials but above all energy, as the initial material mix does not require to be fused superficially.
  • Plastics: Alternative to the new plastic material which is reclaimed laboriously from crude oil. Depending on the kind of plastic, it can be reclaimed differently, as working material while new products are being processed; as raw material by recycling it into the initial gaseous components or as energy gain, by utilizing the chemical energy contained in the plastic.
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